Understanding How Oakwood Corporate Housing Work In Phoenix

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What Is Corporate Housing?

Corporate housing is temporary, bare, or fully furnished accommodation that typically takes place in an apartment. Usually leased for 30 days or more, professional rental companies arrange for these facilities.

These accommodations often include electricity, water, furniture, cable, phone, housewares, comforts, etc. Corporate housing is a prospering industry that offers a vital and remarkable commercial service for the community.

While corporate housing first served as a housing alternative for professionals, it is now available to tourists, students, and anyone who needs short-term lodging while moving.

Apartments are often well-stocked with everything you need for a comfortable stay, despite the costs being greater than one may initially anticipate.

honeycrisp rental understanding how oakwood corporate housing work in phoenix

Corporate Housing vs. Other Short-term Housing

Typically, corporate housing is rented for one to two months. Generally,  you rent hotels and other holiday properties by the night or the week. Corporate housing, however, frequently offers a few extras not commonly seen in regular apartments, such as an all-inclusive leasing cost that covers utilities and internet.

Corporate housing units are often wholly equipped, with facilities such as in-unit washers and dryers, televisions, and other essential home items. In general, a tenant may show up with just a bag and, after stocking the refrigerator, find themselves at home for the entire stay.

Corporate housing is a prospering industry that offers a vital and remarkable commercial service for the community.


It depends on where you’ll stay, for how long, when, and how big of a unit you’ll need, just as with any rental property. Corporate housing offers daily, weekly, and monthly rates with discounts the longer you stay.  Additionally, the cost will decrease the longer you stay.

A one-bedroom apartment costs more than a studio; a two-bedroom apartment costs more than a one-bedroom apartment, etc. Moreover, you could discover that the costs are higher if you have specific requests, such as children or pets. Do your research before making a booking.

How to Find It

Honeycrisp Rentals offers the best bang for your buck corporate housing in Oakwood, Phoenix. With various properties to choose from, you will most likely find your preferred property that will not break the bank.

honeycrisp rental understanding how oakwood corporate housing work in phoenix

5 Benefits Of Corporate Housing

1. Lease Terms Are Flexible

You often have the option to rent corporate housing whenever it is most convenient for you. This permits you to stay for as long as you need. You can often choose to renew your lease if you want.

2. Cheaper Than Any Other Accommodation

It is less expensive than booking a hotel room. Hotel rates can be pretty high sometimes, such as during holidays or when nearby events are happening. There will be fees for additional beds, drinks, meals, and snacks, among other things. Renting corporate housing allows you to have greater space for a lower price without paying for extra amenities.

3. Customer Service

Corporate housing businesses always provide individual attention to their clients. In other words, someone will always be there to help you during your stay. You won’t ever feel alone or out of place if you live in an executive home.

4. Amenities Offered

Many corporate flats come with fully functional kitchens that include everything you need to make meals. You will have access to all the necessary appliances, cookware, and other necessities during your stay. Corporate housing sometimes includes high-speed internet and additional utility facilities, which may cost a little more than other options but is tremendously handy for the renter.

5. Spacious And Comfortable Living Areas

Hotel rooms are often significantly smaller than corporate housing. After a long day at work or on vacation, you can stretch out and unwind in their spacious apartments. Also, they offer comfortable beds and furniture to let you feel at home.

The Safari Farmhouse

$658 / night

3 bedrooms.  •  4 Beds  •  2 Baths

Pheonix, AZ

The Pink Flamingo

$252 / night

3 bedrooms •  5 beds  •  2 baths

Phoenix, AZ


Who Should Use Corporate Houses?

Corporate housing is helpful for anybody who needs somewhere to stay for a month or more without making a long-term commitment.

Corporate housing is helpful for workers who travel to work for an extended period. Because a comfortable employee is productive, employers frequently offer corporate housing to their traveling or relocating employees.

How Long Can You Stay In A Corporate House?

Most corporate housing providers may have a minimum stay of 14 to 30 days. Corporate housing is intended for people who need the space for at least a month. Most tenants in business housing stay for two to three months on average.

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Understanding How Oakwood Corporate Housing Work In Phoenix

The ultimate guide in understanding how corporate housing work In Phoenix. We’ll help you understand what how corporate housing works.

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