Corporate Housing Tacoma

Looking for a great corporate house to stay in Tacoma, Washington, close to everything? Do you need to accommodate your business travel plans and housing expenses?

You know that you can find the best corporate housing in town but finding a property with all the features you’re looking for isn’t always as easy as it sounds.

Our blog is filled with tips, tricks, information, and resources for corporate housing. We know a thing or two about the best places to stay in Tacoma.

Let us help you make the best choice when choosing your corporate housing options in Tacoma, WA.

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The most common weekend vacation rentals are beach houses, cabins, and cottages.

What is Corporate Housing?

Corporate housing is a temporary kind of fully furnished accommodation, often an apartment.

Professional rental companies set up these accommodations equipped with electricity, water, furniture, cable, phone, housewares, comforts, etc., which often come with a flat charge for the company and are typically inhabited for 30 days or more.

Considered as a well-established industry, corporate housing offers a significant and distinctive commercial purpose for the community.

Operators of corporate housing must pay taxes and other financial obligations and comply with local regulations controlling property zoning, health and safety rules, community lease minimum stay requirements, and other laws.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Corporate Housing in Tacoma


The location of the place should be close to your workplace or the sites you visit frequently. Therefore, you might as well just stay in your own home if you can’t find one in your chosen location.

The good news is that there are always many possibilities for corporate housing, particularly in a big city or popular tourist area.


Price is another factor that will make or break the transaction, particularly in the current economic climate. Remember that saving your hard-earned money will be helpful even if you relocate to a new place.

You can use the savings to cover education costs and utilities and purchase your future home. To save money for personal usage, you should choose companies that will not break the bank.


Having amenities like a pool or Wi-Fi in your corporate housing would be fantastic, especially if you plan to utilize these amenities. You will immediately feel at home in a corporate apartment with lots of conveniences, which is excellent news.


Before anything else, you must decide whether you will opt for a furnished or unfurnished rental home. A fully furnished corporate apartment can be your best option if you require a place that feels like your home away from home and has all the amenities you’re used to.

Think about the possibility of needing appliances, bedding, cutlery, cookware, and gadgets. Keep in mind that purchasing more furniture will bring the prices higher.

Terms and Policies

Always review the conditions of your lease. Some items you might want to consider include contract renewal after an extended stay, limitations on extra visitors, pets, and other things like lawn maintenance.

Verify the costs and make sure you understand what is covered. Choose a corporate housing that provides more leeway regarding the terms and conditions.

Additional Services

Most individuals require extra services, such as a caregiver or housekeeper, to enhance their quality of life. If you move into a furnished one-bedroom apartment, you could also want housekeeping services, which you would pay for.

It’s essential to create a checklist of all the services you’ll require while there to prevent any inconveniences. The list will enable you to determine whether the corporate housing provider you have in mind provides the extra services you need.

Reputation (Reviews)

Finding a trustworthy housing service provider ensures that your money is well spent. You may learn about the top housing firms that provide prompt services by looking at internet reviews.

Get helpful advice from relatives and friends who have already traveled this route.

honeycrisp corporate housing scottsdale corporate housing

The Pool House on Baltimore


4 Bedrooms  •  6 Beds  •  3 Baths

Tacoma, WA

The House of Shirley


5 bedrooms •  8 beds  •  2 Baths

Tacoma, WA

Experience Tacoma

While you’re in Tacoma, you might as well make the most out of it and experience Tacoma the best way we know how. 

We have listed the most in-demand things to see and places to be to kick-start your tour of Tacoma.

Tacoma Art Museum

The museum, devoted to gathering and exhibiting Northwest art, is home to nearly 4,500 artifacts, including the most significant collections of Dale Chihuly glass art and Northwest jewelry.

Tacoma Art Museum provides workshops for art instructors’ professional development and activities for students at every grade level.

Address: 1701 Pacific Avenue, Tacoma, WA 98402, Phone: 253-272-4258

Pick-Quick Drive-In

Since 1949, the state of Washington has been serviced by the Pick-Quick Drive-In chain of drive-in restaurants.

Pick-Quick is a terrific place to go if you’re looking for excellent meals prepared with natural, fresh ingredients, quick, efficient service, and sustainable packaging.

Address: 4306 Pacific Highway East, Tacoma, WA 98424

Destiny Harbor Tours, Tacoma, WA

Locals and tourists can choose between two trips Destiny Harbor Tours offer aboard its renovated U.S. Navy vessels.

Destiny Harbor Tours is authorized to conduct at-sea memorials with or without spreading ashes and provides private charters.

Address: 8829 Harborview Drive, Gig Harbor, WA 98332

Washington State History Museum

The nonprofit Washington State Historical Society’s museum features five permanent exhibitions in addition to a number of rotating ones.

Explore the Washington State History Museum to properly educate yourself about the state’s rich and dynamic past.

Address: 1911 Pacific Avenue, Tacoma, Washington 98402


Find corporate houses that meet your particular demands at a reasonable price when you travel for business. Corporate housing is a brilliant option anytime you want a superb temporary home because of all the benefits.

However, your stay might be miserable if you don’t know how to pick the most outstanding corporate housing. Since the suggestions above will enable you to get it correctly the first time, this should not happen to you.

Honeycrisp Rentals can assist you with furnished corporate rental housing; contact us today to schedule your stay!

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