Seattle Area Short-Term Vacation Rentals

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Seattle is a treasure of the Pacific Northwest. This legendary city has developed from its untamed surroundings into a vibrant, forward-thinking metropolis at the pinnacle of innovation. Nowadays, Seattle offers urban adventures and outdoor recreation, creating a remarkable travel experience.

It might be challenging to select the ideal place for your Seattle getaway since there are many fantastic things to see and do in the city. 

We’ve compiled in this article all the things to see and places to be and threw in a few tips and tricks in searching for the best short-term vacation rental in Seattle. Apart from that, if you’re looking for short-term rentals in Seattle you might want to check this out!

How To Search For Short-Term Vacation Rentals In Seattle

1. Determine Your Budget

Knowing how much you can spend on accommodations is a significant factor in your vacation rental search. Make a list of your spending boundaries and stick to them when searching. It would be awful to fall in love with a property you can’t afford.

Seattle short-term vacation rentals are abundant but knowing your budget will help you focus on what to search.

2. Assess Your Preferences

As you seek possible accommodation in Seattle, list the top three features you want in a new apartment and refer to them frequently. Some questions are: Do you prefer a short commute to tourist attractions? Do you like a better view from your rental? What amenities do you want to maximize during your vacation?

3. Consider Your Commute

While certain areas (close to the city center) have good public transportation connections, the outside districts are “transit deserts,” so you’ll need a car to get about. To make the most of your visit to Seattle, consider the travel time and traffic situation.

Short-term vacation rentals in Seattle are likely to be closed to mass transportation.

4. Ask For Recommendations

If you have a friend or family member that has been to Seattle, ask them for their suggestions and experience. Remember that every experience varies from person to person, but it doesn’t hurt to get first-hand feedback. This may be the key to having your vacation in Seattle smooth sailing.

5. Do Your Research

You must conduct your due diligence and research possible property management companies on review websites like Yelp. Any common complaints or are the renters usually loyal? Knowing this will give you a better idea of what to expect from your rental experience.

Honeycrisp Seattle Area Short-Term Vacation Rentals

Seattle offers urban adventures and outdoor recreation, creating a remarkable travel experience.

The Best Places To Visit In Seattle

1. Seattle Space Center and Space Needle

Initially constructed for the 1962 World’s Fair, Seattle Center includes the famous Space Needle and Monorail. Since then, they have been transformed into a park area and entertainment complex featuring theaters, sports venues, and restaurants.

The most fantastic time to see the Space Needle is in the summer when the winter’s gloomy skies have cleared. But with festivities like the yearly Winterfest, including free activities for families, the Seattle Center is one of the top wintertime destinations in the city.

The Seattle Space Center and Space Needle are located at 400 Broad Street, Seattle, Washington.

Honeycrisp Seattle Area Short-Term Vacation Rentals

2. Discovery Park

The biggest park in the city has almost 550 acres and is home to some of Seattle’s best beaches. It is situated west of downtown on a peninsula that sticks out into the sound from the Magnolia area. With its beaches, forests, and meadows, the park offers a genuine retreat from the city and serves as an animal refuge.

The West Point Lighthouse is a well-liked location for photos, which marks the park’s westernmost viewpoint. But there are other viewing points over Puget Sound available in the natural area and fantastic views of the Olympic Mountains. The two most popular ways to take in the expansive vistas are the Loop Trail and Beach Trails.

Discovery Park is located at 3801 Discovery Park Blvd, Seattle, Washington.

3. Chihuly Garden & Glass

One of Seattle’s top museums, the Chihuly Garden and Glass, is housed inside the Seattle Center. Tacoma native Dave Chihuly is the artist behind the breathtaking works of art on show in this museum. Chihuly is renowned for utilizing glass as a creative medium and producing captivating sculptures. Visitors may view one of his biggest pieces in the Glasshouse, where the installation’s colors and appearance are affected by the shifting sunshine above, in addition to eight galleries.

The Art Plaza and Collections Café, next to the Greenhouse, provides an excellent setting for seeing the hourly glassblowing demonstrations. The plaza borders the garden, where visitors may view Chihuly’s artwork in a setting that emphasizes the movement and complexity of the glass.

The Chihuly Garden and Glass is located at 305 Harrison Street, Seattle, Washington.

Seattle Area Chihuly Garden and Glass

4. Museum of Flight

The Museum of Flight in Seattle is home to a large collection of aircraft, educational displays, and artifacts from the history of flight. From Thursday through Monday, while the museum is open, many trips last the full day. The museum provides premium experiences that grant access to behind-the-scenes displays in addition to normal entry.

The biggest aircraft in the collection, including a Concorde, the first jet Air Force One, and military aircraft like the B-17F Flying Fortress, are on exhibit in an outdoor gallery.

Those who are interested in cutting-edge aviation technology and modern aircraft should join the Boeing tour, which departs from Seattle and is an easy way to explore the company’s headquarters.

Transportation to and from the factory, a 90-minute tour of the assembly plant, and access to all of the facility’s exhibitions are all included in the visit.

The Museum of Flight is located at 4097, 9404 E Marginal Way S, Seattle, Washington.

5. Pike Place Market

The two levels of the captivating Pike Place Market are home to vendors that have a broad variety of goods for sale. All throughout spring, summer, and fall, tourists flock to this crowded location along the shore. Market tours are a great opportunity to escape Pike Place’s bustle and learn fascinating facts.

Along with a wide variety of dining options, there are more than 200 owner-operated boutiques, which sell anything from books to antiques and collectibles to odd specialty shops. The 225 local and regional artisans’ work is available at the crafts market, which is part of the historic nine-acre shopping paradise.

The Pike Place Market is located at 1st and Pike Streets, Seattle, Washington.

Seattle Area Pike Place Market Place

The Average Costs of Short-Term Vacation Rentals in Seattle

The average cost of Seattle short-term vacation rental is about $218 per night; however, the cost may increase if you rent an apartment for a bigger party or need additional rooms and amenities.

Vacation rental prices vary from time to time. If you want to score a cheaper rental place, December is the cheapest month to book a vacation property in Seattle. Rental costs may be as much as 28% less per night than during peak season.

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Seattle Area Short-Term Vacation Rentals

Seattle is a treasure of the Pacific Northwest. This legendary city has developed from its untamed surroundings into a vibrant, forward-thinking metropolis at the pinnacle of innovation. Nowadays, Seattle offers urban adventures and outdoor recreation, creating a...


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