Seattle Area Short-Term Rentals

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In the early phases of short-term rental hunting, feeling overwhelmed is easy. Several considerations must be considered, including neighborhood, facilities, roommates, and fees. Eventually, every apartment begins to look the same.

Do you browse Facebook Marketplace for hours at a time, drive around looking for rent signs, or utilize classified listing websites like Craigslist? How can you eliminate searches for student housing, duplicate listings, holiday rental websites like VRBO, and other irrelevant conditions? Does working with a real estate agent or broker and taking the chance of having to pay a possibly expensive broker fee make sense?

We’re here to help you pick the right rental home in Seattle. We have narrowed down the sites to choose from and listed a few tips and tricks to get you started.

If you’re a homeowner or an investor wanting to start creating short-term rentals, you might want to check first the laws regarding short-term rentals on Washington State.

Best Site To Find Short-Term Rentals in Seattle


One of the top recommendations for finding a short-term furnished rental in Seattle for stays up to a fortnight is, which used to specialize in hotel reservations, now offers a sizable selection of flats and apartels for weekly and monthly stays of up to 30 days. 

In Seattle, there were roughly 90 apartments with rents starting at $70 per night that ranged from studios to homes with several bedrooms when we searched for short-stay choices. Additionally, the website has a Best Price Guarantee, and each hotel has a specific review area where you can read testimonials from prior visitors.

2. Sonder

For stays of a few days to a few months, Sonder offers a vast selection of available properties, including studios, lofts, hotel rooms, and apartments in locations worldwide. 

Many of the advantages of a hotel are offered by Sonder without the associated costs, like contactless check-in, access to concierge services, and round-the-clock maintenance. Prices for studio apartments in Seattle began at $153 per night when we searched for weekly rentals there.

Honeycrisp Seattle Area Short-Term Rentals

3. The Blueground

The Blueground, founded in 2013, has rapidly expanded in size and prominence within the rental housing market. It serves visitors looking for completely furnished flats with flexible leasing terms for stays of at least 30 days.  Through our search, we discovered rent for a studio apartment in Seattle starting at $1,530 per month.

The firm, overal, lists over 200 apartments in and around the city. Studios, one- and two-bedroom apartments, and other types of real estate are all professionally managed by the organization. The online booking procedure is quick and easy, and a dedicated guest app provides access to a 24-hour support service.

4. is one of the most comprehensive apartments listing search engines available, including editions in both English and Spanish. Renters may narrow their search by selecting a specific rental price range, kind of unit, and attributes like low income, furnished, or elevator.

Although this apartment finder does not allow for neighborhood searches, you may use the keyword search or the Polygon tool to define boundaries on the map view. You may also select how long you want the journey (from your apartment to your office) to take using the “Plan Commute” function. You can choose to take a vehicle, a bike, or public transportation.

Honeycrisp Seattle Area Short-Term Rentals

5. Zillow

With information on more than 110 million houses nationwide, Zillow is the top real estate research website. By entering the zip code of a neighborhood, the Zestimate tool will generate an estimate of the cost to rent or buy a property there.

You may now make rent payments and submit applications for numerous rentals or apartments. The Zillow rental manager streamlines the application process by giving the landlord or property owner access to a potential tenant’s credit report, background check, and history of evictions.

6. Coliving

A co-living space is another choice for a short-term housing solution. Compared to living alone, co-living openings can cut your housing expenditures by up to 2%., one of the most popular coliving platforms, offers completely furnished, custom-designed living spaces that unite people through welcoming, open places where tenants may work and mingle, as well as private bedrooms where you can relax away from the bunch.

Laundry facilities, kitchens, gyms, and swimming pools are frequently available on-site, and there are also regular community-hosted activities. Regular cleaning services are provided by committed property managers, who also assist in resolving any problems. 

We found 12 suitable coliving apartments in Seattle, with rents beginning at $552 per month.

Tips to Find Short-Term Rentals In Seattle

Moving to a new city may be intimidating, with different and distinctive neighborhoods to select from and explore. Seattle, with seven districts, is no exception. 

Before you move to Seattle, plan a scouting weekend and explore the streets of Seattle. Determining which neighborhood feels like home is worthwhile if you’re relocating to Seattle from out of town. Choosing a home in Seattle may be difficult; thus, it’s important to know what suits you.

1. Determine Your Budget

An essential factor of your apartment search is having a clear understanding of how much you can spend on accommodation. If you’re relocating due to a new job, you undoubtedly understand the money available for rent. 

If you’re from a smaller city, the average rent in Seattle for a 1-bedroom is $2,040, which may be a shock (or comfort if you’re heading west from NYC!).

However, there is a large local variation in rent, with prices in more central Seattle ranging from a high $2,500+ to roughly $1,350 in more remote locations. Make a list of your spending boundaries and stick to them when searching.

2. Consider Your Commute

Due to the influx of people who have moved to Seattle in recent years because of its excellent job market and other advantages, the city has become denser, and the traffic has gotten worse. Consider the type of commute you’re prepared to put up with and how you’ll get there if you know where you’ll be working.

While certain sections are well connected by public transportation (near the city’s center), the outside districts are “transit deserts,” so you’ll need a car to go about. Check out the commute distance and traffic scenario before signing on the dotted line at the conclusion of your Seattle apartment search.

Honeycrisp Seattle Area Short-Term Rentals 4

3. Assess Your Preferences

Everyone has different housing preferences. Do you value square footage more than a quick commute? Which would you choose: living on a street bordered by trees or being close to fantastic pubs and trendy restaurants? Do you want to save your money and use it elsewhere, or are you prepared to pay for access to amenities?

As you seek a place to live in Seattle, make list three features you want in a new apartment and refer to it frequently.

4. Ask for Recommendations

Don’t forget to tell anyone you know in Seattle that you’re searching for an apartment there if you live there or have connections there. Once more, due to Seattle’s competitive rental market, some properties (especially apartments in popular buildings) fill through word of mouth and never appear on listing websites. Whatever it takes, tell your coworkers and post on Facebook.

5. Do Your Research

It’s important to do your due diligence and look up your potential property management firm on Yelp and other review websites. Any common grievances or are they primarily devoted tenants? You’ll know better what to anticipate from your rental experience if you know this.

How Much Is the Average Cost of Short-Term Rentals in Seattle

Nowadays, Seattle’s median rentals for one-bedroom apartments are $1,651, and for two-bedroom apartments, they are $1,995. After a rise in August, rents have dropped over the past two months in the city. Seattle’s rent rise year over year is less than the state average of 3.6% and the US average of 5.7%.


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